Arch Equity Partners

Arch Equity Partners connects its business operator’s mindset to a unique lower middle market, long-term hold investment strategy.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Arch works with management teams to build better businesses through operational improvements, professional management practices, and sustainable business growth.

Arch invests in companies with revenues between $3,000,000-25,000,000, and EBITDA between $500,000-2,500,000.  A defining element of our strategy includes key managers as significant equity partners with between 15-25% of each investment. We seek to hold investment for 10-15 years leveraging close partnership between Arch and the management team.

We target the lower middle market because it represents a large well of unrealized potential where our partners and investors have spent a large portion of their professional careers as business owners, CEO’s, and financial & operational advisers. Arch serves this marketplace because it is a great source of high quality investments, and because it is the market Arch knows the best.