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The entire Arch team is operationally focused, with backgrounds running larger and more complex businesses than the ones in which we invest. Building on experience, the team has successfully transitioned several organizations from entrepreneur-led to professionalmanager-led status. This operational improvement facilitates substantial growth in size and margins.

Arch Equity Partners always works in partnership with management teams and provides:

  • Hands-on assistance with strategic, tactical and financial planning
  • Hands-on assistance with development and execution of strategic marketing plans
  • Best practice exchange between portfolio companies
  • Hands-on support and assistance with operational improvements
  • Arch’s team-based, continuous improvement operating process and training programs
  • M&A activities and integration support for strategic add-on acquisitions
  • Temporary service in management roles during a transitional period (if needed)

Arch’s in-house aid capability is unique among private equity firms providing the flexibility to consider investments in companies that may require operational support and resources post closing.

Arch will therefore consider underperforming companies, corporate divestitures, or companies that will have post-closing voids in key management positions.

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