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Arch Equity Partners employs a team-based continuous improvement operating model that combines the best of current management practices with the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to the entire organization- from sales & marketing to manufacturing & operations to employee recruitment & retention approaches.

This team-based continuous improvement approach stresses collaboration, data-driven decision making, and cross functional teams.  In short, we keep the process simple by empowering management teams to develop and drive the process.

Arch Equity Partners does not force a standard program on its portfolio companies, but does utilize formal programs. These programs are differentiated for the different parts of the organization- one program is for executive management, a second, larger program for team leaders on the shop floor, and a third for team members.

The executive management program fosters leadership with a team-based, data-driven, cross-functional organization focus. Team leaders learn to apply the best tools from Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to all aspects of the business.  Team members learn to work more efficiently through collaboration and support.

Arch leads ordinary people to perform extra-ordinarily through:

  • Problem solving methodology
  • Gathering and analyzing data
  • Setting goals and expectations
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Handling team conflict and feedback
  • Selecting and developing team members
  • Five S’s to create and standardize processes
  • Connecting strategy to the shop floor, and drawing inputs into strategy creation

In our professional careers prior to Arch, and with Arch’s first acquisitions, we found this approach best facilitates a transition from entrepreneur leadership to professional management.

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